My Passion: Improving School Students’ Life Chances

Nearly five months ago, I asked, “What is your passion?”

In that time, much as happened as I searched for my academic/professional identity and examined ways to merge my personal life passions with those professional.  All of this needs to be carefully crafted and help me maintain my job, grow my career, but more importantly, make a difference in the everyday lives of children, especially those who are economically disadvantaged, as I was growing up.

In order to improve ACT students’ life chances, last year, the Government pledged $26 million for the Centre for Quality Teaching and Learning (CQTL), which was established to expand and improve STEM education, as well as CLOSE THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP (which you know has always been my passion!). Unfortunately, this story has gone nowhere. The CQTL is stalled because of politics.

So whilst politicians dawdle and fingerpoint, while the Libs blame Labour, while Tony makes the next outrageous statement, while yet another boat is turned back, still, our students from poor homes in the ACT wait. How much longer will they have to wait?

Let’s all work together to help improve students’ life chances!




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