A Transition is Yet Another Part of Life

What is your passion?

This is a question many of us have asked others and ourselves. I find that I ask this of myself often, mostly in regards to work, but then here lately, on a much deeper level.

It’s almost as if I’m searching for a way to merge more aspects of my life into one — a practice I question. Do I want the lines that blurry? Knowing my Type A propensities, is that wise?

I’m taking some much needed space in a month, for about a month, to focus more attention on reflecting on things like this. From a personal and professional standpoint, the past several months (and the next several, I believe) are crucial in my evolution. Being able to take a step back and concentrate on all matters of life outside of my job, will allow me the opportunity to focus on these questions and come up with answers for now.

Thankfully, life is dynamic and the impermanence of life spurs me on to experience things differently. I constantly battle with this perspective change, but am reminded of the importance of living each moment and choosing love.

The work I need to engage in involves letting go of the anger and the ‘stories in my head’ to make room for more gratitude (again, a constant, daily struggle) and focusing on my passions.

Emerson said ‘passion rebuilds the world’. My inner world needs some rebuilding and I feel positive that these raw materials will be put to good use in rebuilding my own world.

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