And How’s That Going?

I can’t even make a terrible reference with “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

Bike: still in the garage

Book I was reading: abandoned, for the moment

Yoga class: so that great trip we took a few months ago? Yeah, now replenishing fundage, so no class for a little bit longer.

Reconnecting: hit or miss, more hits than misses so….

One out of three ain’t bad!

Brush it off, let it go.

Active: danced my booty off this past Saturday night at a friend’s house — most of them were getting ready to go to a Cyndi Lauper concert next week. Pictures will not be posted to protect the innocent and 80s adorned guests!

“Mummy’s Projects”: finally some movement on one of my projects nearly halfway done — painting a craft table and chairs we picked up for $20 at the Baby & Kids Market

Surviving: it’s been a tough 2 months in the sleep department with little man waking for hours in the middle of the night, not wanting to go to sleep until 10pm, waking for the day at 4am or 5.20am (this morning). So much seems to go out of the window when I function on 3-6 hours of (more often than not) broken sleep. But last night? A blissful 7 hours — it will help if this trend hold for at least a couple more nights:)

Since I obviously can’t ease into anything, my September may be a bit of a shocker. More exercise, more sunshine (thankfully I have nothing to do with that one!!), and gluten free for a month. I need to try it and see the effects. I’ve talked about it for years and I clearly need to do something!

And this is my only post this month so far. I so need some peers to apply some gentle pressure and encouragement to write at least fortnightly. And I need to do some work to get there…like why am I here, really? In a web sense…what’s the purpose? I would say it doesn’t need one, but I’m finding it difficult to write sometimes and am wondering if I should just write in Word docs for myself. Does the venue matter? Being online does temper my words (mostly)…

So maybe some inspiration from some fellow writers — Why did you begin your blog? What keeps you going? How are you encouraged to write? Interested in being part of a small (5-6 member) writing group where we encourage each other in their progress?

So many possibilities in this wide world of ours… 😉

Happy writing!

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One response to “And How’s That Going?

  1. I’ve really connected with quite a few things you’ve said in your posts. I too am constantly looking to improve myself through my writing, fitness, health and just as a person in general. I’ve recently begun getting more excercise after wanting and wishing but not acting, for years. I constantly question my writing style and whether to sensor myself or to just be completely open and honest. This lead to the creation of a second blog.
    I’m also considering going gluten free but it seems so daunting. All the things I love have gluten!
    Good luck to you in all areas of reflection and improvement.

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